S.H.E Program

Expanding upon the success of the Heroes and Cool Kids Program, we are excited to introduce the S.H.E. (Self. Honor. Every day.) Program for young women. The goal of this program is to promote qualities in young woman to bring forth their potential as strong and confident leaders in our community.

The program is designed as a one day conference to identify and celebrate the unique and special qualities that young women bring to the world. The target age for the program is 8th grade. It is important to take the opportunity to expose them to these ideals at an age when they are changing and learning about themselves as they become more independent and develop their own values.

Our goal is to introduce the girls to core issues that impact them as they interpret society’s expectations and their own personal goals to find their path. We will utilize four modules in the form of break out groups led by women that have through circumstance, life experience or by design become impactful leaders.

The issues the program addresses are:

  • Empowerment in which we will discuss gender disparities with the focus on strong powerful women and strategies the girls can use to support attaining their goals and developing their own feelings of confidence.
  • Body Image in which we acknowledge the role media messages have played in distorting exterior beauty but also redefine the ideal of positive body image to shift towards examining internal beauty, authenticity and acceptance of oneself.
  • Relationships in which the girls will identify their need for connection and the important relationships in their lives with the focus being on developing and understanding the relationship they have with themselves.
  • Self Defense in which we will explore strategies woman can use to keep themselves safe in various situations with demonstrations from a martial arts expert.

The program can be adjusted to meet the needs of older and/or younger girls as the tools that are taught are impactful for all women. Topics would be discussed based on age appropriateness.

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