Sidekick Program

Our Sidekicks program is an age appropriate curriculum for the training of 8th grade student leaders who then mentor 4th graders. The focus is on important life skills that lead to good choices including goal setting, anti-bullying, cyber-safety, and anti-drugs and alcohol. Our Sidekicks program uses a proactive approach to teaching these concepts by providing lessons about kindness and empathy and by discussing “Real Fun” (games and playing) vs. “Fake Fun” (drugs and cyber-bullying).

Schools participating in the Sidekick program hand select 8th graders who:

  • Have shown character, integrity, and morals
  • Want to participate
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Are positive role models
  • Exhibit good behavior
  • Demonstrate communication skills
  • Show leadership qualities

Each school then hosts three – two hour leadership training conferences to prepare the 8th graders for schools visits. On the day of a conference, our trainers present the curriculum. Student leaders ask questions, practice implementing the program, come up with personal stories to share, and work within their team to strategize.

Three elementary school visits follow. The first visit teaches children what goals are, how to set them and how to plan to achieve them. The second takes a proactive approach to anti-bullying by talking about “empathy.” During the third visit students learn about drugs, alcohol, internet safety and what to do if they are bullied on and offline.

The expanded program allows Heroes & Cool Kids to remain a constant for students from elementary to high school.

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