Young Men’s Program

The Young Men’s Conference is designed to discuss and define masculinity for a new generation. Our goal is to recreate a positive self-image, and explore masculine identity and values. We utilize Heroes and Cool Kids trainers as hosts and platform speakers followed by local men in the community to facilitate breakouts, strengthening the core message to define what masculinity looks like in:

  1. The home and family, by looking at the role of husband and father.
  2. Relationships, by examining gender violence and healthy romantic relationships.
  3. The media, by discussing how masculinity is portrayed in the media today and evaluating its triumphs and failings.
  4. The community, by discussing what the male students’ roles and responsibilities are in the school and community.

The target age is 8th grade. This is a time in their lives when they are entering manhood physically and formulating their individual identity and perspectives. It is a critical time to capitalize on their willingness to be influenced through open minds and hearts. This program can be implemented in conjunction with all other Heroes and Cool Kids Programs.

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